Episode – A Pocket Gems Platform for Interactive Mobile Stories

The mobile company pocket gems have launched a new platform called episode; this approach is created in order to tell stories on smartphones. The company saw a big opportunity in the mobile story-telling game as stories are one of the many forms of entertainment media.

The company reveals that as soon as the element of the story is added to the games, players just loved it and it has enhanced their growth.

The game is focussed on stories so much that some people do not even consider the app as a gaming app at all. The game is in fact compared to an interactive animated TV show which is modernized and one of the first mobile-based shows.

In the episode game, the story writers have the ability to choose their settings, customize the characters, and then you can use a simple scripted language to make your choice and how those choices can affect the rest of your story. If You Are Looking for the Best free gems on an episode, Please Check Scuttlenet

The users can play a limited number of chapters every few hours, and if they want to play more, they have to pay for it. The two currencies available in the episode game are gems and passes. The free gems on episode game can be collected by using episode hack and cheats.

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