How to Activate Your Internal Deodorant and Feel Fresh Whole Day and Night?

Consumption of toxic food and harsh environmental ingredients results in unpleasant body odor. These harmful ingredients eliminate through the skin in the form of body odor.

Your bowel health helps you to realize the body odor; a few low-cost ways mentioned in this article will help you to no longer worry about your body odor.


Chlorophyll is a natural body odor neutralizer which works for the blood and colon.

Hydrating vegetables, fiber, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and chlorophyll are certain ingredients which can help in removing bad breath and other body odors.


Probiotics such as raw milk, yogurt, etc. help in straining of gut bacteria in check. It is a very useful internal deodorant.

Certain foods that contain zinc will also help in maintaining oral hygiene. Foods rich in zinc are meats, seafood, nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Activated Charcoal and cilantro

Activated charcoal helps in carrying away gas by pulling mucous and other debris from the intestine.

Cilantro is just like chlorophyll; it pulls away from the heavy metals and other things from inside.


Consumption of lots of fresh water will flush out the liver-colon-kidney toxins and will aid the digestion process.

Add lemon to water; it will eliminate all the toxins from your body.

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