Learn All About Various Dentures Toronto Treatments

Dentures basically replace missing teeth. They can be taken out and put back again into the mouth. Modern dentures look more natural looking and very comfortable to wear.

Types of dentures

Depending on the condition of teeth, there are basically two types of dentures Toronto available on the market. These are full dentures and partial dentures. Your dentist will assist you in deciding the right type of denture for your case.

Working of Dentures

Dentures have a skin colored acrylic base that fits above the gums. Where the upper denture efficiently covers the palate, the lower denture has a shape of a horseshoe that accommodates the tongue.

Dentures are customized in a dental laboratory by using impressions obtained from the mouth. There are three kinds of dentures such as a conventional full denture, immediate full denture, and partial denture.

Conventional denture

This is a full denture that is placed in the mouth after removal of teeth and healing of all tissues in the mouth has happened.  As healing can take many months, a person has to be without teeth for that time period.

Immediate Full Denture

An immediate full denture gets inserted quickly after all the remaining teeth get removed. With this technique, you will never be without your teeth.

Partial Denture

This type of denture lays on a metal-based framework. It gets attached to natural teeth. Partial dentures can be seen as a removable version of bridges.


Dentures are the best way to replace your missing teeth that enhances your smile and appearance.

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