A waistcoat is better for a man or not. Selection Rules

Almost 350 years ago, the waistcoat appeared as clothing for civil servants. Initially, he had sleeves and served as the bottom part of a casual suit. If the waistcoat was very popular in Pakistan, then he had to win love in other countries. According to the rules of English etiquette, a real dandy should have at least five waistcoats for different occasions. How to choose the most solid element of the men’s wardrobe?

Rule one: a waistcoat for every occasion

The variety of waistcoats today knows no limits. Designers almost succeeded in surpassing the abundance of styles and textures typical for the middle of the XIX century: double-breasted and single-breasted, gray and white, with stripes and cage. Today waistcoats are distinguished: cardigan, blouson, jacket; creative with embroidery or appliquĂ©, knitted waistcoat, fur and leather. Models made of one-color suit wool and cashmere will be especially appropriate for business meetings and lunches. If you expect “going out,” you can choose waistcoats from satin silk or pique. If you are a fan of experiments with style, then you will draw options from denim, knitwear and even jacquard.

Rule two: the ideal size

If the jacket and trousers can be emphasized spacious, then the waistcoat simply has to sit on the figure. This wardrobe element is really quite complex in design, but it should sit perfectly: in the chest be freer, but do not overdo it, and in the waist on the contrary – fit tightly enough. An inaccurately planted waistcoat on the figure will spoil the impression of the best suit: and here it is not even in the bad taste of the owner, but rather, in the ill-considered nature of his image.

In this case, the back strap can serve as a rescue, with the help of which it is convenient to choose a waistcoat from the silhouette. To achieve ideality in forms is not easy, it means that the choice of waistcoat will be very difficult; you will have to re-measure many models of different sizes, so you need to be patient. But believe me, it’s worth it. Now find the latest waistcoats at https://www.shopbrumano.com/waistcoat/

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